Legacy Crossing Urban Renewal District

The Moscow Urban Renewal Agency designated the second of its project areas the Legacy Crossing Urban Renewal District. The formation of this district came about from the community’s desire to eliminate conditions impeding the City’s economic growth in an area which is located between Moscow’s historic downtown and the University of Idaho campus.

The Agency seeks to address deteriorated or deteriorating areas impeding economic growth by addressing public needs of both underdeveloped properties and properties in transition. The intention of Legacy Crossing is to spur a transition of properties from former agricultural and/or industrial uses to new uses, create more cohesive zoning arrangements, add diversity to the general business and residential/office mixed use zones, and thereby transform the area from its current economic liability to economic vibrancy.

To learn more about the vision of this district, please review the Legacy Crossing Urban Renewal District Plan and
Legacy Crossing Overlay District Design Guidelines.