MURA Contracts and Agreements


Record Number Date Description
16-15  Owner participation agreement with Darrold Bingham for 402 W. Sixth Street
16-13  Owner participation agreement with Larry Swanger for 203 W. Third Street
16-11  Website development services agreement with Inland Solutions
16-07  Lot rental agreement with Geneshifters LLC
16-06  Audit Services Agreement with Presnell Gage
16-05  Owner participation agreement with FH Fields LLC for 1104 S. Main Street
16-04  Amendment to commercial real estate services agreement with Palouse Commercial
15-10  Environmental remediation agreement with TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering
15-09  Memorandum of understanding with Developers of the Palouse regarding soil application and remediation
15-08  Construction agreement with Germer Construction for contaminated soil excavation
15-04  Agreement for services with City of Moscow
15-03  Exclusive negotiation agreement with Sangria Downtown LLC regarding Agency real property
15-01  Task order for commercial real estate services with Palouse Commerical
14-12  Release and settlement agreement with Latah County regarding increment calculation error
14-08  Limited promissory note with 409 S. Jackson LLC for 409 S. Jackson Street
14-07  Owner participation agreement with 409 S. Jackson LLC for 409 S. Jackson Street
14-06  Permission of use of Agency real property for job trailer with TW Clark
14-03  Voluntary remediation agreement with Idaho Department of Environmental Quality for 201 W. Sixth Street
13-05  Hold harmless agreement pertaining to public parking use of Agency property at 201 W. Sixth Street
13-04  Agreement for sanitary sewer easements with Thompson-Eckhardt
12-05  Agreement for land survey services with Rim Rock Consultants
12-0  Deed of reconveyance of Thompson note recorded number 549258
11-04  Limited recourse promissory note with Anderson Group LLC for 625 S. Jackson Street
11-03  Construction contract for building demolition with Germer Construction for 201 W. Sixth Street
10-16  Renewal of exclusive negotiation agreement with Biketronics
10-14  Memorandum of understanding with Latah County regarding Brownfield Assessment Grant
10-12  Revenue allocation bonds written certificate and request
10-08  Exclusive negotiation agreement with Biketronics LLC for Agency owned real property
10-02  Real estate purchase and sale agreement for 201 W. Sixth Street