Moscow Urban Renewal Agency Partner Projects

Gritman Medical Office Project

Responding to community needs for expanded health services, Gritman Medical Center is constructing their Medical Office Building III project, a $10 million, 54,000 square foot medical office building that will be the home to an expanded income-based CHAS medical and dental clinic and expanded oncology and cardiac rehabilitation services. MURA partnered with Gritman by funding necessary public infrastructure though an Owner Participation Agreement wherein the MURA will reimburse Gritman up to $600,000 for necessary roadway and sidewalk improvements in support of this needed and important community project.


Downtown Restroom Project

Building a public restroom facility for downtown Moscow has been a priority for the community for many years.  When project costs exceeded the City's budget for the project, the MURA agreed to contribute $27,000 to ensure the design and quality of the facility was in keeping with the downtown area and community desires.  The restroom facility was completed in the spring of 2017 with a dedication ceremony on May 6th.


Republic on Main

The Fields Holding Company acquired the former Sharpe Oil property and an adjacent prior railroad property for a mixed use development called Identity on Main (now recently bought by Republic on Main). The $24 million project included 154 residential dwelling units and 3,000 square feet of retail space. The MURA partnered with the developer through an OPA to reimburse up to $350,000 for environmental remediation and highway access improvements. This project is in a highly visible location near a prominent entrance to the University of Idaho campus and served as a significant catalyst to additional private investment in the area.


Sixth and Jackson Environmental Remediation

The MURA acquired the property located at the corner of Sixth and Jackson Streets in 2010. This property was previously utilized as an agricultural chemical storage site which resulted in environmental contamination on the property. The MURA was awarded an U.S. EPA Brownfield Cleanup Grant to fund both soil and groundwater remediation which was completed in the spring of 2017. MURA’s efforts were critical in facilitating the redevelopment of this brownfield site into productive use. A future developer has been selected through a public Request For Proposal process and is currently planning a $15 million mixed-use development for the site.


EMSI, an economic consulting firm, was quickly outgrowing their facility in the Alturas Technology Park and was in need of additional space. The MURA partnered with developer Wentz and Associates to facilitate the $1 Million renovation of the former Daily News building downtown into a modern and attractive office space for EMSI. The MURA entered into an Owner Participation Agreement (OPA) with the developer to reimburse up to $45,000 in expenses to extend the City’s fiber optic network to the building and to reconstruct the streetscape on Jackson Street.