Alturas Technology Park District

The Alturas Technology Park was the Agency’s first District and is currently home to many of Moscow’s premier high-tech companies including Comtech EF Data Corporation, Alturas Analytics, Inc., Anatek Labs, Inc., and BioTracking, LLC. The export industries within the Alturas Technology Park have a profound economic impact on the Moscow economy. These companies had a total payroll of over $6 million and paid an average wage of over $50,000, which is significantly higher than the city’s median household income of $35,389.

During that period, the Park contributed an estimated adjusted impact of $26.7 M to the local community. Established in 1996 with an assessed valuation of $6.4 million, improvements and developments made as a result of the Alturas Research and Technology Park Urban Renewal Plan have assisted in increasing property values to more than $27 million today. This District was closed in 2015, one year earlier than anticipated in the District Plan.

The Agency is pleased to announce the availability of one (1) lot for sale in Moscow’s Alturas Technology Park II. The Alturas Technology Park II is located adjacent to, and to the east of, Alturas Technology Park I, south of State Highway 8 and between Blaine Street and Mountain View Road, Moscow, Idaho. MURA invites interested parties to submit sealed bids for the lot. This competitive bidding process is intended to allow interested developers to respond to a development opportunity in Alturas Technology Park. MURA may sell the subject lots to the highest bidder who submits a bid at, or above, the established minimum bid price. The Bid Packet and Legal Notice is attached to the above left, or can be found here.

Alturas Tech Park District Valuation 2014